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Danish Healthcare ApS has been focusing on disposable products of the highest quality since 2007. Positioning straps can potentially be produced at a lower cost, but we are unwilling to compromise on safety. We therefore continue to supply the two layers of straps we developed in cooperation with hospitals in 2007.

The company was founded in 2007 by former anaesthetic nurse Marianne Lund Larsen and her husband Per Lund Larsen.

Throughout her many years of working as a nurse, Marianne has always been interested in enhancing the safety of patients and healthcare professionals.

This was precisely the reason why Marianne developed the first products in 2007, which aimed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. At that time, only multi-use straps were used to position patients during surgery. Marianne discovered that the multi-purpose straps could not be properly cleaned after surgery. Reusing the straps risks spreading bacteria and viruses from one patient to another.

On average, it costs the healthcare system approximately EUR 7,000 when a patient contracts an infection in hospital. In total, this amounts to more than EUR 140 million a year in Denmark alone.

In addition to good hand hygiene, one of the major areas of focus is the use of disposable products.


It costs approximately EUR 1.5 per operation on average to use a disposable thigh strap. This is a very modest expense compared to the cost of treating hospital-acquired infections.

Danish Healthcare continuously seeks to replace more and more multi-use products with disposable ones, in order to help reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections.

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