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Disposable straps for patient positioning are used to help immobilise patients under anaesthesia, and are excellent for infection control purposes. Proper patient positioning is critical to patient safety, and a durable safety strap is often required for specific positioning techniques. When selecting a patient positioning strap, it is important to consider the safety and wellbeing of the patient during their procedure.



By selecting disposable positioning straps from Danish Healthcare, you will reduce the risk of patient injury and maximise patient safety. Our straps are made from flexible materials and provide a soft form of patient restraint that reduces injury and can be used during all phases of preoperative surgeries. Features of the disposable Velcro self-strap restraint system include versatility, residue-free adhesion, and a non-metal construction. They are also latex free, and disposable for infection control.



We have many types of quality products for positioning under anesthesia.

We have thigh straps, ARM / GU strap, Foot strap, and Special products.

All of our straps are beam radiated.


These thigh straps are used for securing patients during surgery and under anaesthesia. The length of the straps varies to accommodate different sizes of people.


For preventing heat loss from the head during surgery and under anaesthesia. With Velcro on the cap for securing tubes.


For safe positioning of arms on arm table during surgery and under anesthesia. The strap can also be used for the lower extremity when patients are placed on split surgical beds


These thigh straps are used for securing the patient's lower extremity during surgery such as laparoscopic surgery, where the patient is placed on a surgical bed with split leg plates.


Lift strap for feet to raise the patient’s lower extremity on the surgical table during the skin disinfection process before surgery in the preoperative phase.


To safely position the head on a beach chair surgical table during surgery and under anaesthesia.


This stomach strap is used to secure the patient's abdomen during surgery and under anaesthesia.


Sliding sheet to easily turn slightly immobile patients in their beds


To safely position the arms during ear, nose and throat surgery, when the arms are positioned by the side of the patient.


This strap safely fixes an unconscious patient's upper extremities when this is needed, e.g. if the patient is being transported on a stretcher in an ambulance or undergoing a scan, etc.


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The history of Danish Healthcare

Danish Healthcare ApS has been focusing on disposable products of the highest quality since 2007. Positioning straps can potentially be produced at a lower cost, but we are unwilling to compromise on safety. We therefore continue to supply the two layers of straps we developed in cooperation with hospitals in 2007.

The company was founded in 2007 by former anaesthetic nurse Marianne Lund Larsen and her husband Per Lund Larsen.

Throughout her many years of working as a nurse, Marianne has always been interested in enhancing the safety of patients and healthcare professionals.

This was precisely the reason why Marianne developed the first products in 2007, which aimed to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination. At that time, only multi-use straps were used to position patients during surgery. Marianne discovered that the multi-purpose straps could not be properly cleaned after surgery. Reusing the straps risks spreading bacteria and viruses from one patient to another.

On average, it costs the healthcare system approximately EUR 7,000 when a patient contracts an infection in hospital. In total, this amounts to more than EUR 140 million a year in Denmark alone.

In addition to good hand hygiene, one of the major areas of focus is the use of disposable products.


It costs approximately EUR 1.5 per operation on average to use a disposable thigh strap. This is a very modest expense compared to the cost of treating hospital-acquired infections.

Danish Healthcare continuously seeks to replace more and more multi-use products with disposable ones, in order to help reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections.


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