MRSA & other infections

The risk of MRSA infection has increased in recent years, and this is because of cross-contamination. It is very costly to treat a patient after they have been infected during an operation.

Risk of cuts & abrasions

Some reusable positioning straps have metal rings or buckles that can increase the potential for skin cuts, abrasions and welts.

Latex allergy

Latex is used in a variety of medical products. Medical professionals are at risk since they are frequently exposed to latex products.

Costly handling

A lot of time is spent handling reusable products, and the price of manual labour is high.


Reduction of MRSA & infections

When disposable products are used for positioning under anaesthetic, the risk of MRSA and other infections falls dramatically.

Soft products

Our products are free from metal, which reduces injury to patients and staff.

Latex free

Our products are latex free and offer an excellent alternative to latex-based products.

No costly handling

Our disposable products are simply discarded after use. This removes the manual process of sending the product to be washed and cleaned.


Delivery guarantee

At Danish Healthcare, we take great pride in our ability to provide a secure supply of products to our customers. Therefore, we always have a very large quantity of products in stock to ensure you never run out, even with a sudden increase in use.

Radiation Sterilised

Safety is one of our main areas of focus. For this reason, we choose to sterilise all our products to ensure that you as a customer can feel 100% safe.

MDR approved

At Danish Healthcare, we are always at the forefront when it comes to product certification. Our products will therefore be MDR approved in August 2020.

Excellent quality

Our products are designed by nurses, for nurses. This ensures a very high satisfaction rate with our end users. We take great pride in providing the highest quality at an extremely fair price.


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