High quality hygienic surgical table accessories

High quality hygienic surgical table accessories

Welcome to Danish Healthcare ApS

Danish Healthcare ApS is a 100% Danish family-owned business. We primarily produce and sell disposable products for positioning under anaesthetic. We have a large standard stock range of straps for thigh, arm/ GU and foot, and can produce customised special products in consultation with hospitals.

Small volumes of special products are produced as reusable straps, but new machines and increased warehouse capacity make it easier to fulfil special requirements as disposable products as well.

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We have many high quality hygienic surgical table accessories. We have thigh straps, ARM/GU straps, foot straps, special straps and reusable straps.

The history about Danish Healthcare ApS

Danish Healthcare ApS has specialised in high quality disposable products since 2007. Naturally, positioning straps can always be produced cheaper, but we refuse to compromise with safety, and therefore continue to supply the 2-layer straps we developed in consultation with hospitals in 2007.

There are certain situations in which a minimum quantity is required to start production of disposable straps, which means reusable items are sometimes necessary. In such instances, our own sewing team can produce reusable items in small quantities. New machinery has also made it easier to supply small series of certain disposable products.